2-3 days €45 4-7 days €40 + 7 days €37


Helmet €5 Pedals €3 Deliveries up to 20km €15 between 25 and 50km €20 +50km €30


Fasted Cycling: Teach Your Body to Burn Fat

Body fat can become a great fuel for our body, but first we must teach our body to use it and, in this "education" process, fasted cycling plays a fundamental role. Surely you have noticed that more and more cyclists and trainers are choosing to carry out training on an empty stomach. B...

When does a cyclist have priority over a car?

From Teide Bike Service, as lovers of bicycles and sustainable mobility, we would like to offer a vision / recommendation regarding coexistence on the roads between drivers and cyclists, which, as a general rule, is not easy at all. Sometimes due to recklessness, others due to sheer ignorance of...


What has the coffee that is so appreciated by many and restricted by others. If you are a lover of coffee and triathlon (or the sport in general) this article will help you to enjoy this elixir of gods. This drink that originated in the horn of Africa, where the coffee tree has its origin, mor...